Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Ms Latchmee

Dubai is known with its multinational workers and this special lady wearing her tradition cloths in orange has an interesting story to share. Ms Latchmee Bhuti has been working in Dubai for more than 35 years since the rule of His Highness Sheikh Rashed bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Latchmee left Indian as a teenage to work in a whole new city in order to help her family to earn some income. She hasbeen employed by the sister of His Highnness Sheikh Rashed bin Saeed to work as a housemaid for the children of Her Highness. Latchmee came to the city of Dubai not knowing any language to speak including Urdu, however; as the years passes by she haslearned many languages such as Arabic, English and Urdu. Latchmee says, " I came to Dubai as a young lady and not having a clue where I am going as I couldn't speak or understand any language expect my city's language. But, as I arrived in Dubai during the 1970's the generous hospitality and the kind welcome of her Sheikha Sheikha bin Saeed made me feel that I am at home. Since the day I have arrived in this beautiful city, I knew that I wouldn't want to go back to my own country. UAE is my country and Dubai is my home."

Ms Latchmee and her daughter Kumari

As the year passes by Ms Latchmee grew into a young lady and got married by a gentleman she has meet in the Palace. Ms Latchmee got married in Dubai and born and raised her children in the city. Ms Latchmee now has two children, a young lady named Kumari and a young gentleman named Rakeesh. The photo above shows Ms Latchmee and her daughter Kumari on the left corner of the image. The beautiful colors of their traditional cloths with the background of the fence have created a vibrant image where each color stands for its own, however; the orange of their cloths were the most important part of the image as I was aiming to capture an orange object.

"I was born and raised in Dubai alongside with the help of my mother. I have one small brother and no cousins. I am a nurse today in Rashed Hospital and I earn my money in this wonderful city. I cannot imagine going back to my home country and living there. Dubai is a place I want to raise my children in, just like what my mother did", says Ms Kumari.

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